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Zamorano PDO Pressed cheese made from the milk of sheep of the Churra and Castellana breeds, and ripened for a minimum of 100 days.   Production area The province of Zamora (Castile-León) Production process The milk must be whole and clean and must contain no colostrum, contaminants, preservatives, antibiotics or any other product that might […]

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Roncal PDO Pressed cheese made from whole sheep´s milk from the Rasa and Latxa breeds and F-1 Latxa X Milchschaf crossbreeds. Ripened for a minimum of 4 months. Production area The production area comprises the seven municipal districts – Uztarroz, lsaba, Urzainqui, Roncal, Garde, Vidangoz and Burgui – which form the Roncal Valley, in Navarre. […]

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Idiazabal PDO Pressed, hard cheese made from whole, raw sheep´s milk from the Latxa and Carranzana breeds, with a minimum ripening period of 60 days.   Production area Includes all the areas where the Latxa and Carranzana sheep breeds are found naturally in Basque Country, and in Navarre, except for the municipal districts which lie […]

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Quesucos de Liebana PDO Cheese made from whole milk, mostly cow´s milk but occasionally mixed with sheep or goat’s milk, from Tudanca, Swiss Brown and Friesian cows, Latxa ewes and Pyrenean and Picos de Europa goats. Ripened for a minimum of fifteen days. Production area The production area covers the municipalities in the district of Liébana, […]

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