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Torta del Casar

Torta del Casar Cheese made from raw milk of sheep from the Merino and Entrefino breeds. Natural plant rennet is used for coagulation and ripening takes at least 60 days. Production area The production area includes municipalities in the districts of Los Llanos de Cáceres, Sierra de Fuentes and Montánchez, in the province of Cáceres […]

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Afuega’l Pitu

Afuega’l Pitu PDO A soft, full-fat cheese made from pasteurized whole cows’ milk of the Friesian and Asturiana de los Valles breeds. Production area This cheese is produced in the area of the Nalón and Narcea rivers in Asturias, in northern Spain. The municipalities in this geographical area are: Morcín, Riosa, Santo Adriano, Grado, Salas, […]

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San Simón da Costa

San Simon da Costa PDO Smoked cheese made from raw or pasteurized cow’s milk from the Rubia Gallega, Parda-Alpina and Friesian breeds and cross-breeds, with a minimum 30-day ripening period. It has a distinctive shape, like a large spinning top, with a flat base and a pointed tip. Production area The geographical area in which […]

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Tetilla PDO Matured cheese, from fresh to semi-cured, ripened for a minimum of seven days, made from whole milk from Friesian, Swiss Brown and Galician Blonde cows fed by traditional techniques. Production area Galicia. Production process The cattle must be fed in the traditional way, and one of the objectives of the Regulatory Council is […]

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