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from the Spanish company: SEÑORIO DE MONTANERA, S.L

Jamón de Bellota 100% Ibérico D.O. “Dehesa de Extremadura”

jamon bellota 100% iberico Señorío de Montanera

Our hams have slender legs, black hooves and deep reddish purple lean meat infiltrated with sweet and juicy fat. Made from the back legs of 100% pure, acorn fed Iberian pigs, raised on our own dehesas; our products are guaranteed by the prestigious Certificate of Origin of the DOP Dehesa de Extremadura. The high levels of oleic acid, resulting from the pigs having been fattened on acorns on the montanera, ensure their succulence, rich aromas and exquisite, deeply intense flavours. Traditionally produced, it is a delicacy for even the most demanding palate.

Chorizo Cular de Bellota 100% Ibérico

Made from carefully selected 100% pure, acorn fed Iberian pig meat, cut, marinated and stuffed into natural casings. Once cut you can see its marbled face, predominantly lean red meat but with a perfect balance of fat. Its flavour is full and intense with hints of paprika and garlic and the texture is succulent and juicy. After it has cured, it is vacuum packed, so as to retain all of its characteristics.

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