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from the spanish company: Sanabria

Manchego 3 months

Manchego PDO cheese is made from Manchega sheep’s milk, a special breed adapted to the climate of La Mancha, a region of Spain, a vast plain located in the center, with a continental climate and very high temperatures in summer, and very cold winters.

Semi-hard pressed cheese ripened for 3 months, weighs 3 kg and is cylindrical in shape.  The rind is light brown, texture is compact dotted with small eyes that are unevenly distributed; the colour of the paste varies from ivory to pale yellow, not very salty, it melts easily in mouth. A characteristic sheep milk flavour, slightly spicy and with agreeable aftertaste, making it a wonderful cheese.

Manchego 12 months

The 12 month ripening makes the cheese hard. The rind is dark brown; the texture is compact with a yellow hue and does not crumble when cut. The aroma is reminiscent of sheep’s milk with strong flavour, ample in the mouth, not very spicy and persistent with agreeable aftertaste.

For the cheese lovers.

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