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Arroz del Delta del Ebro PDO


Rice of the Bahía, Tebre, Sénia, Fonsa, Bomba and Montsianell varieties. DOP Arroz del delta del ebroPDO protection covers white rice classified as “Extra”.

In the province of Tarragona, where Spain’s largest river, the Ebro, releases its generous flow into the Mediterranean, we find the Delta del Ebro and its homonymous nature reserve.

This is aromatic, short-grain rice with high absorbency. It requires slow cooking and can absorb all sorts of flavors. The main varieties are round-grain Bahía, which is very porous and regular in cooking, and Bomba, which is characterized by its stability after cooking, when the grains remain loose.


Arroz de Valencia PDO


Rice of the Senia, Bahía and Bomba varieties.

The landscape flows naturally into the wetlands of l’Albufera, a nature reserve just south of the capital city of Valencia, where the famous rice from Valencia is grown and which is widely recognized as the cradle of paella. There is little doubt that paella valenciana is the paradigmatic Spanish dish.

The Senia and Bahía varieties have a composition that guarantees a creamy texture in the cooked grain, and complete absorption of flavors. The Bomba variety gives grains that do not stick together after cooking, with a good consistency and complete absorption of flavors.


Calasparra PDO


Rice (Oryza sativa) of the Bomba and Balilla X Sollana varieties.DOP Calasparra

Calasparra is a small town in the utmost northwestern corner of Murcia and home to the famous Bomba rice, the first cereal grain to obtain a PDO in Spain. Calasparra rice is grown on the banks of the Segura and Mundo rivers. For many centuries and as a result of the cool, pure mountain water and natural circulation system, it is recognized as top-quality rice.

This rice stands out, from the culinary point of view, for its flavor and hardness as well as its absorbency of flavors during cooking and the fact that the grains do not stick together.

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