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from the Spanish company: REDONDO IGLESIAS

Jamón Serrano Gran Reserva

Juicy texture, of a colour ranging from red purple to pale pink shade, and a shiny appearance due to fat infiltration, typical of a prolonged curing process.
Intense and balanced aroma. Sweet taste due to its low salt content, and a careful artisanal process in our caves located in the Montes de Utiel (Valencia) Spain.

Slices of 100 g, ready to eat.

Chorizo Ibérico de Bellota Sarta

A horseshoe shape sausage made in the most traditional and homemade way from the best lean meats of Iberian pig. Seasoned with salt and sweet paprika which gives its characteristic deep red color.
Chorizo sarta is one of the most traditional sausages of Spanish cuisine and is a delight either freshly sliced or cooked.

Slices of 200 g, ready to eat.

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