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 Maese Miguel & Rocinante

from the Spanish company: QUESERA CUQUERELLA

Manchego Maese Miguel 6 months

Pressed cheese made with pasteurised Manchega sheep´s milk with a minimum ageing period of 180 days. Certified by the Regulatory Board for Manchego Cheeses with Designation of Origin.

Firm, not very elastic. Medium to low friability and solubility. Slight granularity. Balanced flavour with light and pleasant acidic hints combined with sweet tones. A very characteristic, well-developed aroma with toffee tones and hints of hazelnut.

Rocinante Ibérico Semi cured

Pressed cheese made with pasteurized cow, goat and sheep’s milk and with a minimum ageing period of 60 days.

Semi-hard, good buttery and elasticity. Balanced, emphasising a pleasant acidity and a sweet touch and taste of nuts. Regular flavour with reminiscent of yoghurt and butter.

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