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La Masrojana

from the Spanish company: La masrojana

Spicy Gordal olive

Another traditional Andalucian jewel. It is enormous, tasty and pulpy. It needs a chilli pepper to obtain its ultimate expression, hence its name “picante” (spicy).
A soft spicy taste for the queen of the Southern olives. Adding a bit of chilli pepper we give it a personal touch that makes this olive be one of the most appreciated variety in our Canadian public.
It can be used with different aperitifs and as accompany for different drinks.


Black Aragon olive

This variety has always coexisted with the Aragonese farmers. In contrast to the majority of olives, this is harvested when it is already ripen, from mid-november until the end of December, using the big ones for the olive jars and the little ones for the production of oil.
We receive the olives at our warehouse and introduce them in tanks, where the elaborating process lasts for a few months, until it is ready to be consumed.
We can consume it in so many ways. The most usual is with salads, brunches, pasta, as a pizza ingredient, with cheese canapés, and, traditionally in our lands, with aperitifs like l’esqueixada de bacallà. (Cod crumbs with tomato, onion, pepper and black olive).

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