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from the Spanish company: JULIAN MARTIN SA


In the 100% Ibérico Bellota (acorn-fed) ham we can recognize the characteristics that make this exquisite delicacy the jewel of Spanish cuisine. Its unique taste, full of nuances in which the acorn is the protagonist, along with the careful selection of the best breed of Ibérico “Alentejano” pig, and its slow and thoroughly controlled maturation by our Ham Master, make it an exquisite treat for the palate.

Tasting notes:

Strong colour intensity, with burgundy tones and orange-ocher reflections. Marbling is balanced, but not excessive in a dark-yellow, almost golden tone.
The slices are very bright, and the “juice” coming out is very noticeable, even at room temperature.
With a very persistent, clean and rich aroma, genuinely Ibérico. Clear notes of nuts with overtones of dried nuts are perceived quite clearly with intense toasting and a note of wood reminiscent of oak bark.
It’s quite juicy and very persistent to the palate. Overall, this is a very balanced ham with a strong personality.


Ibérico Bellota (acorn-fed) Chorizo is made from selected meat including lean and noble cuts –presa and secreto. Marinated with a combination of paprika and spices, stuffed into a natural casing and dry-cured in our cellars for a minimum of 3 months. Its unique aroma anticipates the intensity of its flavor, gorgeous and deliciously rich in aromatic hues.


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