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If we were to simplify and define northern Spain as the ecosystem for beef and dairy cattle, the central plateau as that of sheep, then goats would find their place mostly in the ecosystem of the Mediterranean and on the Canary Islands. Goats are tough animals that adapt well to hot, dry climates not suited to other livestock where they survive on brush, young shoots and plant waste.


Goats are the most representative species of livestock in regions such as Andalusia, Murcia, Catalonia and Extremadura, as well as the Canary Islands where they are almost on their own. Goats’ milk is used to make a variety of exquisite cheeses, some of which focus on specific breeds. In some cases, the cheese receive a special finish – ashes, red wine, pimentón (a type of Spanish paprika), herbs, toasted cornmeal (a Canary specialty) – giving them character and distinction.


Goat’s milk cheese made from the Serrana, Murciana-Granadina, Malagueña, Alpina breeds and their cross-breeds, made with pasteurized or untreated milk and undergoing different periods of ageing depending on the type being made. A distinctive feature of Camerano cheese is its series of external marks, produced by the “cilla”, the molds used to shape the cheese; they are made from plaited cane and leave their imprints on the outside of the cheese.

Tasting notes

– Fresh Camerano cheese: The curd is white and glossy, with no holes, a smooth jellified texture, very soft and moist. It has a very well-rounded flavor, ranging from very sweet to quite acidic.

– Soft Camerano cheese: It has a clearly defined rind, with either no mold or some incipient mold growth. The curd varies from white to an ivory white color, a medium hard to soft texture and with no holes. It has an intense flavor with a hint of acidity.

– Semi-cured Camerano cheese: It has a clearly defined rind with greenish-brown mold growth on the outside. The curd varies from white to an ivory white color, a hard to medium hard texture. It has an intense, well-defined flavor with a hint of acidity.

– Cured Camerano cheese: The rind is clearly defined with mold growth on the outside, mainly a greenish-brown in color. The curd varies from white to ivory white in color, with a firm, hard texture, and either very few holes or none at all. It has an intense and well-defined flavor. Continue Reading



Cheese made from whole, raw milk from goats of the Serrana, Verata and Retinta breeds and their crossbreeds, and ripened for a minimum of 60 days.

Tasting notes

Characteristic, clean-tasting, slightly acid and moderately piquant flavor, with a slight finish of goat’s milk. Very pleasant and creamy on the palate. The aroma is slightly or moderately suggestive of raw goat’s milk. The texture is buttery and moist, somewhere between crumbly and elastic. Continue Reading


Cheese made from milk from goats of the Majorera breed, sometimes mixed with sheep´s milk, and ripened for a minimum of eight days.

Tasting notes

Balanced, intense flavor of goat´s milk. Slightly sharp and piquant in well-ripened cheeses. Characteristic aroma and creamy texture. Continue Reading



Fresh or cured cheese made with pasteurized milk from goats of the Murcian breed, and ripened for a minimum of 60 days for the cured cheese.

Tasting notes

–  Queso de Murcia Fresco: The aroma and taste are reminiscent of goat´s milk cream or yoghurt, with a touch of salt, especially in the outside parts. The texture is soft, consistent, elastic and wet.

– Queso de Murcia Curado: A mild smell of hay and nuts and a flavor of goats’ milk and sweet nuts or, in riper cheeses, of toasted nuts. The texture is compact, firm and slightly elastic. Continue Reading


Murcia al VinoMurcia-al-vino-do

Pressed, washed, uncooked cheese made from Murcian goat´s milk and cured for a minimum of 45 days for large cheeses and 30 days for small ones. Macerated in red wine during ripening to give the rind the characteristic color and aroma.

Tasting notes

A pleasantly sharp aroma and unsalty flavor. The red wine in which the cheese is soaked during ripening gives a flowery aroma and a pleasant aftertaste with reminiscences of goat’s milk and cream. The texture is creamy and elastic. Continue Reading



Pressed cheese made on the island of La Palma in the Canaries, using whole, raw milk from goats of the Palmera breed.

Tasting notes

A clean flavor and aroma of goat’s milk and natural rennet. Reminiscent of grass, hay, mushrooms or nuts. The smoked cheeses offer aromas of almond shell, Canary pine needles and dry prickly pears. Slightly sharp on the palate with medium saltiness, and some sweet notes in the aftertaste. The texture is firm, elastic and medium soft. Continue Reading

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