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Los Beyos

Queso Los Beyos PGI

Cheese made from unpasteurized or pasteurized cow, ewe or goat’s milk, not mixed together; using lactic acid fermentation and ripened for at least 20 days or 60 days if made from unpasteurized milk.


Tasting notes

Smooth, wrinkled rind, of a color ranging from creamy yellow or pale yellow and light brown, depending on the species from which the milk was obtained: cow, ewe or goat’s milk, respectively.

Other notes

Semi-firm to firm paste, close consistency, with absence of holes from the fermentation process and scarce presence of mechanically-produced cracks, crumbly or flaky when cut; white in goat’s cheese and ivory or pale yellow in cheese made from ewe and cow’s milk.
Firm texture, no elasticity (or very weak) and medium to high flakiness.
Mild smell and aroma, within the lactic family, a stronger smell and aroma in the ewe and goat’s cheese that is slightly reminiscent of the species from which they are obtained.
Mild flavor, becoming stronger in the ewe’s milk cheese, with slight hints of ovine or caprine in the ewe and goat’s cheese; not very salty and slightly acidic, pleasant and well-balanced, with a fresh lactic aftertaste in the cow’s cheese and a stronger, more persistent aftertaste in the ewe and goat’s milk cheese.

Physical properties:

Shape: cylindrical, with flat or slightly concave surfaces.
Measurements: height of between 6 and 9 cm and diameter of between 9 and 10 cm.
Weight: from 250 to 500 g.

Chemical properties:

Dry extract: minimum 50%
Fat in dry extract: minimum 45%
Protein in dry extract: minimum 30%

Sources: Spanish Ministry of Agriculture

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