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Esenciaúnica COVAPfrom the Spanish company: COVAP

Jamón Bellota 100 % Ibérico Esenciaúnica 

Product description
Comes from the hind extremities of the Ibérico pig. It is one of the most appreciated pieces that undergoes a process of salting and curing.

Its external shape is long, stylized and profiled with the so-called “V” shape cut. The color varies from pink to red/purpleCharacteristic veining from oleic acid. Unique aroma and flavor.

> 36 months depending on weight.

Store in a cool and dry place.

2015 Brussels Superior Taste Award.

Chorizo Bellota Esenciaúnica

Product description
The Bellota Chorizo ​​100% Ibérico is a cured sausage cased in natural gut, made from
high-quality lean Ibérico pork meat seasoned with pimentón and natural spices and subject to a process of curing and drying.

Red color with marbling of fat throughout the meat. Firm and compact texture. Intense aroma and taste.

Curing > 60 days

Store in a cool and dry place . Once packaging opened, keep in cold between 0 and 5 ° C.

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