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from the Spanish company: ARTURO SANCHEZ E HIJOS

Jamón Ibérico de bellota

Tasting notes

  • Juicy texture, very pleasant in the mouth.
  • Tender but firm: it preserves its structure while chewed.
  • Potent, pleasant, specific, attractive aromas.
  • Long-lasting, very marked and clear. At the base, there are very frank notes of fresh nuts.
  • A fine, personal, balanced, tasty flavour. This is an elegant ham, its key flavours are already present while still in mid-palate.
  • The excellent balance in terms of salt reveals some adequate, light and clear sweet notes which tone down the typical bitter spots with great precision.

 Chorizo ibérico

Tasting notes

  • The texture is ample and pleasant
  • Subtle and elegant aromas. , sharp and firm. There is a perfectly balanced blend, between the meat, spice and smoked aromas, all of them clear and marked.
  • Flavour is strong yet smooth at the same time. The perfect balance between sweet and savoury, with an agreeable and delicate spicy base. For this reason it has a great initial taste in the mouth and its flavour persists lightly, without voiding the palate.

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