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First Edition of the Spanish Gastronomy Training Program

Yesterday, on March 26th began the First Edition of the Spanish Gastronomy Training Program for Food and Beverage Managers, Executive Chefs and Sous Chefs of prestigious international hotels, developed by ICEX-Foods and Wines from Spain.

This program is the successor to the previous Young Professionals Training Program in Spanish Gastronomy which maintains its educational spirit and international reach, but is focused on a very specific audience, those professional who make decisions on a daily basis about the culinary offerings to large hotel chains. The program format consists of 3 modules that will allow students to dive into Spanish cuisine, the food and beverage industry and business and service innovation, in terms of catering and hospitality.

1st module from March 26th to May 4th

5 week, online classes where participants will acquire the essential knowledge about the key products of our gastronomy and wine culture traditions? Videoconferences will be led by experts Adrienne Smith, Teresa Barrenechea and Almudena Martín.

2nd module from May7th

Participants will travel to Spain to take a live class that will take place at the Basque Culinary Center in San Sebastián for a 2 weeks intensive practical workshop on trends in the food, hotel and catering industries and success stories…

3rd   module

A week of travel through Cantabria, Galicia and Castilla y León in which participants will discover the products in their natural habitat and get closer to the rich culinary heritage of Northern and Central Spain. They will visit hotels, agri-food producers and companies specializing in seafood preserves, artisanal cheeses, wines, cured sausages, seaweed, shellfish, and more… The program will conclude on May 25th with a graduation ceremony at the ICEX headquarters in Madrid.

ICEX’s firm commitment to the promotion of Spanish gastronomy abroad is not only a strategic axis for the promotion of wines and food in Spain, but also a fundamental pillar of transmitting a country-image whose products are characterized by their diversity and quality. Spain has an image of a modernity of which our hotel companies, of international prestige, as well as our chefs are great ambassadors.

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