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Persimon adventures in Quebec

The goal in 2015 was to introduce and educate Quebec audiences about Persimon® fruit to encourage purchase and consumption.

In order to take Quebecers’ love for persimmon fruit (also known as kaki fruit in Quebec) to the next level, the versatility and delicious flavour profile of Persimon® was showcased by conducting the following activities targeting French-language:

Media outreach, which included an electronic media kit, a media drop and a media tour

Media drops are the best way for media to experience a product. Persimon® media packages were sent to media who were unable to attend the tasting event but had expressed interest in trying Persimon® fruit during follow up calls.
During media follow up, nine media outlets expressed interest in receiving Persimon® media packages. To ensure a positive experience, a nicely packaged media kit that included a Spanish-style plate, four Persimon® placed in a recyclable grocery bag and media materials were assembled.

The achieved results were 1,797,550 impressions.

To provide additional credibility to Persimon® messages and attract media attention, a spokesperson was retained to represent the brand in Quebec. Chef Marie-Fleur St-Pierre was hired to serve as the Persimon® spokesperson to garner media attention.

Media were presented with the opportunity to have chef Marie-Fleur appear as a guest to discuss Persimon® and showcase a few Persimon® recipes including one created by her for the campaign.

A media tasting event

Chef Marie-Fleur of Meson restaurant was also hired to implement the Persimon® media tasting. Hosting the event at Meson restaurant further enhanced the tasting event’s attractiveness to media. The overriding purpose of the event was to provide guests with a better understanding of the history, quality and versatility of Persimon® through a delicious meal and enjoyable company.
DDMG worked with Chef Marie-Fleur to create a menu of items that highlighted the versatility and richness of Persimon®.

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A social media influencer program

To achieve maximum impact, two key food/lifestyle influencers: Marilou (Trois fois par jour) and Nancy Bordeleau (cinqfourchettes) were engaged to create content about Persimon®. Recipes and fresh Persimon® fruit were sent to influencers and they were challenged to create their own original recipes and blog about them. Blog posts were amplified via their social channels (Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest and Instagram). A specific French hashtagh, #persimondit, was created to track this tactic.

The initiative resulted in 105,879 impressions on Although nothing was posted on, a post was made on Instagram (189,000 followers) and Facebook (425,258).

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Innovative recipes by Marie- Fleur

In this case, Chef Marie-Fleur was asked to develop six recipes.
1. Chorizo – Persimon Brochette, Saffron Mayo
2. Watercress and Persimon Salad with Blue Cheese Dressing


3. Warm Hazelnut Crusted Goat Cheese, Persimon-Clementine Chutney
4. Serrano-Manchego Persimon Coca

5. Scallop Ceviche with Persimon and Vanilla
6. Persimon and Cranberry Smoothie


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