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Valdeón PGI

Valdeón PGI

Blue cheese, made from cow and goat´s milk, sometimes with sheep´s milk in addition to or instead of the goat’s milk. Ripening lasts at least two months for cheese made from raw milk, and one and a half for those made from pasteurized milk.Valdeon-do

Production area

The municipal district of Posada de Valdeón in the province of León (Castile-Leon).

Production process

Coagulation must be by lactic acid, using the right amount of starter for the process to last 1-2 hours. Penicillium mold is added at this stage, and the temperature of the milk must be kept at 28-32ºC (82-89ºF) throughout. The resulting curds are cut until they form cubes about 1 cm (½”) across and are then left to stand for 14-17 minutes. They are then stirred, the whey is drained off and the curds are transferred to cylindrical molds but not pressed, and left to stand.

They are then salted with dry salt on both sides, and pricked to allow air to penetrate. The temperature in the ripening chambers must be 5-10ºC (41-50ºF) with humidity over 85%. Ripening lasts at least two months for cheese made from raw milk, and one and a half months for those made from pasteurized milk. Beaten cheeses are made from ripened cheeses with the rind cut off. It is cut into pieces, beaten and packed.

Tasting notes

Intense flavor, slightly lactic, salty, piquant and a little spicy-hot. It has a caramelized aroma and buttery texture that melts in the mouth. Beaten cheeses have the same aroma and flavor, but the texture is creamy, becoming more so as the temperature rises.

Other notes

The wheels weigh 0.5-3 kg (1 lb 1 oz – 3 lb 3 oz) but may be sold in portions weighing a minimum of 250 g (9 oz).The rind is natural, thin, soft, rough, with patches of mold, and yellowish with gray tinges. The paste is ivory-white to cream, firm, pasty, and shiny, and is slightly darker at the edges, depending on the degree of ripeness. When cut, there are many large, uneven holes, distributed evenly and colored greeny-blue.

Beaten cheese is presented in packs weighing 20g-1.5 kg (0.7 oz – 3 lb 3 oz). It has no rind, is the same color as the whole cheese and the resulting cream is of medium, buttery consistency. Fat content in dry matter must be 45% or more, moisture 30% or more, and salt, less than 3.5%.


– Spanish Ministry of Agriculture
– Regulatory Council, Queso de Valdeón PDO

Regulatory Council
Consejo Regulador de la IGP Queso de Valdeón
C/ El Cantón, s/n
24915 Posada de Valdeón (León)
Castilla y León
Tel: (+34) 987 740 514
Fax: (+34) 987 740 568

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