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Tetilla PDO

Matured cheese, from fresh to semi-cured, ripened for a minimum of seven days, made from whole milk from Friesian, Swiss Brown and Galician Blonde cows fed by traditional techniques.


Production area


Production process

The cattle must be fed in the traditional way, and one of the objectives of the Regulatory Council is to promote direct grazing. Milk collection and transport is organized so that milk from no more than two milking sessions is mixed and stored.

Transport must be carried out in the best possible conditions of hygiene, either in insulated or refrigerated tankers, or any other method guaranteeing that the quality is not affected.

The milk must be free from colostrum, preservatives and drugs. Coagulation is carried out at 28-32ºC (82-89ºF) using an animal rennet extract, or native stocks of lactic starters (Streptococcus lactis and St. Cremoris) approved by the Regulatory Council. The right amount of rennet must be used so that coagulation takes no less than 20 minutes and no more than 40. The resulting curds are then cut to pea size and washed in fresh water to bring down the acidity to 4-6º Dornic.

They are then lightly re-heated with water to 2ºC (35ºF) higher than the coagulation temperature. Finally, the curds are molded to the right size and shape, and pressed for a minimum of three hours at a pressure that varies depending on the duration. The cheeses are then submerged in brine at 17-18º Baumé.

The PDO cheeses must be ripened for a minimum of seven days as from the end of salting, during which period they are turned and cleaned so that they acquire the necessary characteristics.

It is not permitted to use any type of casein product, powdered milk, any type of fats including butter, illegal additives or legal additives that have not been expressly authorized by the Regulatory Council.

The cheeses may not be manipulated in any way to alter the rind, which must retain its natural appearance and color. The PDO cheeses are identified with a label and numbered back-label issued by the Regulatory Council. The labels of the different producers must clearly state the name of the PDO.

Tasting notes

The aroma and flavor are reminiscent of fresh cows’ milk and/or butter. The flavor is mild, not pungent, without acidity or excessive bitterness, and may include touches of vanilla and walnut as well as light notes that are not present in the aroma. This may lead to a smell of cream, vanilla and walnut. The cheese has high deformability and adhesiveness, medium creaminess and solubility, light elasticity and friability in the mouth, light granularity, medium moisture and medium to high fattiness.

Other notes

The shape is well-proportioned convex-conical with a slight nipple at the top and more or less pointed, and the rounded or straight bottom edge should not measure more than ¼ of the height. Both the height and the diameter may measure 9-15 cm, and the weight may vary from ½ to 1½ kg (1.1-3.3 lbs). The rind is natural, smooth or slightly reticulated, fine and elastic, less than 3 mm thick, and has no mold. The color is even, varying from ivory in very fresh cheeses to yellow, with the lightest color on the underside and possible markings from the tray.

The paste is even and compact, with medium creaminess or slight friability, the color is ivory to pale yellow, with no holes or very few. Any hole must be no larger than a grain of rice.

The cheese must have the following physical and chemical characteristics:

Fat over dry matter: 45% minimum
Dry matter: from 45 % to 50 %
Protein over dry matter: 40% minimum
pH: from 5 to 5.5 when sold


– Spanish Ministry of Agriculture
– Regulatory Council, Arzua-Ulloa PDO

Regulatory Council
Consejo Regulador de la DOP Queso Tetilla
Pazo de Quián – Sergude
15881 Boqueixon (A Coruña)
Tel: (+34) 981 511 751
Fax: (+ 34) 981 511 864

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