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Quesucos de Liebana PDO

Cheese made from whole milk, mostly cow´s milk but occasionally mixed with sheep or goat’s milk, from Tudanca, Swiss Brown and Friesian cows, Latxa ewes and Pyrenean and Picos de Europa goats. Ripened for a minimum of fifteen days.


Production area

The production area covers the municipalities in the district of Liébana, in Cantabria: Potes, Pesaguero, Cabezón de Liébana, Camaleño, Castro Cillorigo, Tresviso and Vega de Liébana as well as Peñarrubia.

Production process

The milk must be whole and clean, with a balanced fat and protein content, in line with the seasonal characteristics of the milk from the different breeds. Coagulation must be carried out, using animal rennet, at a temperature of 28-32ªC (82-89ºF) for a minimum of 45 minutes. The resulting curds are then cut until pea size. They are then packed into self-draining molds, giving the cheese its characteristic shape. Salting is carried out using dry salt, in a proportion of 2-3% of the weight of the cheese. Ripening lasts a minimum of 15 days and is carried out in places with a relative humidity of 85-95% and a temperature below 15ºC (59ºF). The cheese is turned and cleaned as required. If the ripening period is less than 60 days, the milk must first be pasteurized. The smoking that is characteristic of the Aliva, Brez and Lomeña areas helps the cheese to last longer and gives added aromas. This process is carried out in special chambers and traditionally uses juniper wood. It takes 1-1½ days, depending on the intensity of flavor desired.

Tasting notes

Mild in flavor, acidulate and buttery, with a characteristic aroma. The smoked variety has a more-developed, acidulates, cured flavor, with the typical smoky aroma.

Other notes

Cylinder or disc shape, with a diameter of 8-12 cm (3-4½”) and height of 3-10 centimeters (1-4”). Weighs about 500 g (1 lb). The rind is natural or smoked, and the paste is firm, compact and slightly yellowish in color, with a few, irregularly-distributed holes. Fat content must be a minimum of 45% of dry matter, with moisture in excess of 30%.


– Spanish Ministry of Agriculture
– Regulatory Council, Quesucos de Liébana PDO

Regulatory Council
Consejo Regulador de la DOP Quesucos de Liébana
C/ Héroes 2 de Mayo, 27
39600 Muriedas (Cantabria)
Tel: (+34) 942 269 855
Fax: (+34) 942 269 856

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