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Recipe from a Sue Riedl´s article in The Globe and Mail:





Pickled jalapeno

Pickled onion

Roasted red peppers

Cubes of cheese



Pickled beets



Set up a cutting board and crack open some jars of gherkins, olives, pickled jalapeno, pickled onion and roasted red peppers – you can assemble these (or your partner, best friend or best friend’s new boyfriend can) even as guests are arriving.

I made them last weekend and we didn’t just make them, we had to keep on making them – supply and demand at work.

There aren’t too many instructions other than trying to balance your flavours and textures – if you go really spicy with one flavour, try adding a sweet pickle or even something creamy such as a cube of cheese.

Have some paper towel handy to dry off a bit of the pickling liquids so that they don’t drip onto anyone’s clothing.

Lastly, when you slice and dice remember that these should be bite-size.

You can add anchovies, a wedge of salami, pickled beets or mini-bocconcini.

*Sue Riedl´s original article:

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