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For the shell:

100 grs. flour   ¾ cup

100 grs. butter  ½ cup

200 grs. sugar,  ½ cup

2 egg whites


For the mousse:

¼ Litre  whipping cream,  1 cup

2 kakis “Persimon”

100 grs. icing sugar    1 cup


  • To make the Shell, beat egg whites until foamy, add softened butter, sugar and finally the flour, mix well.
  • Pour small portions of the shell mix on a cookie sheet and spread with a spoon to form a thin layer (makes 8 shells).
  • Bake at moderate temperature (350º) until golden. While warm, place on an upside down glass or cup, let them cool completely before removing.
  • To make the mousse, puree the kakis “Persimon”.  Whipp cream with sicing sugar until stiff. Add pureed kaki
  • Fill the cups with the mixture.



  • Place few caramelized “Persimon” balls and raspberries over the mousse and a chocolate tile (or leaf or wafer).

Before serving you can also pour thin honey “threads” and a sprinkle of icing sugar across the plate and decorate with mint leaves.


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