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How to participate?

Join Wines of Garnacha in celebrating Garnacha Day on September 19th!

Grenache Day is September 19th, but the true origin of the grape is Garnacha from Spain, so we’re joining in the fun by creating Garnacha Day, a day to celebrate lush, aromatic, versatile Mediterranean-style Garnacha. Read below for how you can join in the festivities.


Wines of Garnacha will be posting about Garnacha all day on September 19th in the U.S. We will post on Facebook ( and Twitter (@WinesofGarnacha) using the hashtag #GarnachaDay. We will also use the hashtag #GrenacheDay in each post to increase the number of people we reach. Ways to participate:

• Join in the conversation on Facebook and Twitter, and ask the wineries in your D.O. to participate as well
• Use the hashtags #GarnachaDay and #GrenacheDay
• Wineries can share a photo of their vineyard or of Garnacha being enjoyed
• Example of social media posts

Facebook: We’re enjoying a refreshing glass of Garnacha Blanca in our vineyards today to celebrate Garnacha Day in the U.S. Join us in toasting to Garnacha! #GarnachaDay #GrenacheDay (photo of a glass of wine in Terra Alta vineyards)

Twitter: We’re toasting to #GarnachaDay from our vineyards. Cheers! #GrenacheDay (photo of a glass of wine in Terra Alta vineyards)


Send an email to your fans telling them about Garnacha Day, and encourage the wineries in your D.O. to do so as well. Ideas for an email:

• Include an invitation to join the online conversation on Facebook and Twitter. Encourage everyone to use the hashtags #GarnachaDay and #GrenacheDay.
• Recipes to pair with Garnacha wines
• A guide to the different styles of Garnacha


Each winery can tell their friends and visitors about Garnacha Day and help them choose a Garnacha wine to celebrate!
Garnacha Day 2014

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