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Spanish Recipes and Spanish inspired restaurant once again in the Top 10

As they do every year, Toronto Life in its Where to eat edition publishes the Top 10 of best dishes and the Top 10 of best new restaurants in Toronto. This year, Spain has once again appeared in recipes and restaurants.

This year’s best dish is Canoe’s Corn, accompanied by spicy piquillo (a mild red pepper from Spain that has been made spicy in this recipe) jelly. However, the squid from Cava Restaurant and the paella from Carmen Restaurant, both Spanish-inspired restaurants, have achieved a fifth and a tenth position respectively. Here are the descriptions by Where to eat:

“5. Cava’s Squid, There’s nothing subtle about Spanish-style cooking, especially Chris McDonald’s combination of super-fresh, lightly grilled tentacles, a hazelnut romesco sauce, charred red onions and fragrant sections of warmed orange.”

 “10. Carmen’s Paella: The traditional Spanish dish, served in a giant steel pan, is cooked to order – which means a 30-minute wait. Well worth it for the feast of clams, scallops and shrimp, and for the pleasure of scraping the final caramelized layer of saffron-scented rice.”

Bar Isabel is again in the podium of Best New Restaurants in Toronto. This year they are in the second place and this is the description by the magazine:

“2. At his College Street tapas bar, Grant van Gameren creates magical things with bone marrow, whole octopus and, his specialty, gloriously fatty cured meats. Fair warning: the room fills up early and the din reaches headbanger levels.”

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Article: Toronto Life – Where to eat (Edition April 2014)
Picture: Dave Gillespie, Toronto Life

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