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A Virtual Visit to Spain April 4 and 5 at Cambie Kitchen

‘Olé’ is the first word that comes to mind when I think about the exciting Spanish wine tastings events that we (The Wine Umbrella) are organizing for our client, Wines from Spain.

As a wine industry consultant, I work on a lot of projects for wine companies, and most of our clients are regionally-based, but this one is different – it has a unique spice to it (I think it might be paprika J). Seriously, our client has given us the green light with this project to tap into our deepest creativities and make it the best event possible, to go big or go home. And that’s the kind of project that I can really sink my teeth into (both literally and figuratively). Let me tell you what we came up with!

It all takes place in the Cambie Kitchen – a small, open event space, nestled in the back of Vancouver’s largest Signature BC Liquor Store at 39th and Cambie. We are presenting the event twice, so that everyone can make it by for a visit, on Friday, April 4th and Saturday April 5th, 3 to 6pm both days.

Imagine this:

Your first awareness to the presence of Spain is the scent… Savoury wafts of canelli bean, spinach and sundried tomatoes, baking into an ever-so-flaky empanada crust. Your body is drawn toward the tempting tapas and as you walk nearer, you begin to hear music – Flamenco guitar! Acclaimed Canadian guitarist Dave Martone is live on-site, strumming the songs of Spain to entertain guests. The lively Spanish beat excites you, making you move a little bit faster toward the back of the liquor store where the flavours abound.

The event is now within sight, and you like what you see: A large, dramatic floral arrangement adorns the centre of the room, surrounded by hundreds of wineglasses, just waiting to be filled. You are almost at the event space when a secondary aroma strikes you – is that lamb chorizo meatballs that are smelling? Why yes, yes it is. You see a platter of albondigas (Spanish meatballs) atop fire-roasted tomato sauce on a platter to one side and a platter of empanadas to the other, divided by a tempting display of seven of Spain’s most delicious wines.

You arrive at the Cambie Kitchen to be greeted by two Sommeliers, both wearing a smile and offering to lead you through a tasting event featuring seven different wines from all over Spain. From here, the explosion of flavour synergy takes over and you are instantly transported to a virtual tour of Spain’s most exciting wine regions, through the wines in your glass! You sample the wines and the foods, all the while chatting with wine experts to learn more about what makes Spanish wines so unique and which foods you enjoy that would be made better through their accompaniment.

Scrumptiously sated, you fill you shopping basket with a bottle of each of your favourites (seven bottles – that’s enough for a week!) and wave ‘adiós’ to your new vino pals. But they won’t let you go without a gift! Brightly-coloured Wines from Spain wineglass charms are given to each guest as a memento of this special event.

I just can’t think of a more pleasant way to spend a Friday or Saturday afternoon. Can you? See you there!


FREE Wines from Spain Tasting Events:
Friday, April 4th and Saturday, April 5th, 2014
Drop-in anytime between 3 and 6pm
Cambie and 39th Signature Store at 5555 Cambie Street, Vancouver

Picture: British Columbia Liquor Distribution Branch, BCLDB
Article:  Mireille Sauvé, Sommelier, and Founding Partner of The Wine Umbrella


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