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Bullipedia, an encounter of Internet and cuisine

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Considered one of the few gastronomic geniuses alive, Ferran Adrià has yet another surprise for us. The proof is in the work he has been doing at El Bulli Foundation in Roses, Girona, since the closure of El Bulli Restaurant in 2011. This cultural foundation is focused on a culinary perspective but with ramifications in architecture, renewable energy and information technologies.

Ferran Adrià, the renowned Spanish chef, changed the culinary world with his new concepts and techniques, such as the deconstruction of  food, the notorious culinary foams and the use of N2O in his kitchen. He is now working with his team on three projects which are destined to, once again, make history.

Among the projects of the foundation, the most anticipated one is the launch of the Bullipedia, a professional tool based on the codification of a creative discipline, as it is described by its creators.

When asked about how he came up with the idea of the Bullipedia, Adrià response is that it has always surprised him that there are no records of the western culinary history, so he wanted to keep a track of the evolution of all that has happened and is happening in the world of food and cooking.

The aim of Bullipedia is to boost creativity through education and the exchange of knowledge. Its main channel will be the Internet and it is targeted to food professionals, even though all those interested in cooking are invited to participate, especially young and creative people who want to keep learning in the kitchen.

The Bullipedia project is one of the three main projects of El Bulli Foundation, along with ElBulli1846, a holistic architectural project, and ElBulliDNA, a research and creative project centered on food and cooking.

To learn more about Bullipedia, check out its official webpage:

Picture: Pablo Neustadt/ICEX (Pix of Spain)

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